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The Agency

Code Insider advises and represents engineers, designers, and PMs at all levels to help them connect, evaluate, and negotiate offers. We should all have the best jobs possible, on the best terms possible.

We have a presence in both the Bay Area and New York City, are having a meaningful impact, and maintain close working relationships with a number of wonderful startups doing great work.

If you're in the middle of a career switch, want to learn more about the landscape, need help negotiating, or if you simply have some offers in hand and want to know if you're being compensated fairly, please reach out - we're always happy to give advice, and we do not charge candidates for our services.

We've worked with everyone from new grads to VPs, and have meaningful knowledge around market rates, rising verticals, acquihire compensation scenarios, and so forth.

If you're in the middle of a transition, ask:

  • Are you making the best possible decision on the best possible terms?

  • How do you know?

[And if you have an "exploding offer" (one that "expires" in a couple days or weeks for some magical reason), please ping us ASAP - these are BS.]

The Story

Hello there! My name is Vaibhav Mallya. I'm a software engineer who helps software engineers and other techies find work. I enjoy Python, Flask, Ubuntu, distributed systems, and #shippingit. I live in San Francisco.

Previously, I was at Twitter on the Growth team. Prior to that, I was at Amazon on the Identity Services team. I graduated from the University of Michigan a few years before that with my degree in CSe.

Through this whole process - as a student, candidate, interviewer - it was incredibly obvious that job-hunting and hiring processes were universally and fractally broken. Imagine if every engineer was getting the best job for them! That's the world I want to move towards. The marketplace needs to be fixed. The Code Insider talent agency is my first step towards that.

Email: mallyvai@codeinsider.us